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Sui’s First Yield Trading Protocol

Legato provides a solution for securing fixed rates on liquid staking assets, speculating on APY volatility on Sui blockchain

Legato was the first to introduce the yield tokenization concept to Sui

We started during the Move Hackathon by WebX in Tokyo in July '23 and received first place, becoming the first project to experiment with yield tokenization on Staked Sui objects after the SIP-6 updates

Secure Your Fixed-Rate APY

Deposit liquid staking assets into the vault to receive Principal Tokens and lock in the current APY for a fixed period until maturity.

Even if the APY drops in the future, you'll still receive a fixed return at the maturity date.

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Speculate on APY Volatility

When you anticipate that the APY will increase, acquire Yield Tokens from AMM to grant you the right to claim excess yield generated by assets deposited in the vault.

When APY decreases, the vault automatically burns the supply, thereby increasing the token price.

Get Your Deposit Anytime

Prior to the maturity date, you can get your initial deposit back at any time by combining Principal Tokens and Yield Tokens together to unlock it.

Legato allows you to manage the portfolio's efficiency with more granularity.

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Making liquid staking hedging simple for anyone

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A permissionless yield trading protocol on Sui blockchain

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